Total land available :

14,000 sqm.

Total building :

11,500 sqm

Facilities :

Hot kitchen, cold kitchen, pastry, bakery, dishing area, ESU area,TSU area, laundry, In-house laboratory, dishwashing area, dry store, walk-in freezers, walk-in chillers, and Bonded zone area.

Current Production


Lounge approx. 1,500 meals/day.-Infilght meals approx. 6000 meals/day

Max production capacity


15,000 – 18,000 meals/day.

Hi-lift trucks


13 units, refrigerated with a max temp of 4°C.

Delivery Vans :

3 units, air-conditioned with a max temp of 12°C.

Integrated IT system :

Systemize Production System.

Specialty Chefs :

Western, Japanese, Middle East, Chinese Cuisine.

Other features :

Potable water ( R/O System ), Integrated CCTV Computerized system.

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